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Optional Addons - Auto Responders, Power Mailers

Free Website can supply your site with optional addons like Power Mailers, Autoresponders and Latest news pages.

Power Mailer

A power mailer gives your business the opportunity to collect website visitors names and email addresses by using an opt in form on your website. The Power Mailer gives you the opportunity to follow up with these people whenever you wish. Using your Power Mailer you can send out emails to all of your subscribers from one to millions with the click of a button. You may like to send a regular mail out about new products or monthly special or simply keep in touch with these people by sending out a newsletter. Remember these people are pre qualified because they have chosen to give you their name and email address so they can hear more from you and your business - this is a very powerful marketing strategy.


An Autoresponder works in a similar manner to a Power Mailer except you can pre load your Autoresponder with a series of email letters that can be sent out automatically at pre determined intervals to your subscribers eg: The fist letter may go out instantly when the person subscribes, the second letter may go out two days later - the third two days after the second etc.

Shopping Cart

Free website can integrate an online shopping cart into your website giving you the opportunity to sell your products online. The shopping carts we supply can be a sophisticated as you like with features like instant payment processing. Automatic delivery charge calculation at checkout, online chat with an operator. Intergration into Quick Books or MYOB. In fact if you can think of a feature you would like we can probably do it for you.

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