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Free Business Website

Harrington's Web Services are offering a free business website to anyone who wishes to take advantage of our offer.

No Ulterior Motives or Tricks

Harrington's Web Services have no ulterior motives or tricks while making this offer - the benefit to us is that we provide the hosting for your free business website for a very reasonable monthly hosting fee of US$10.26/month and hopefully gain many grateful longtime web hosting customers as well.

We have noticed that sadly even in this the technological age and the 21st Century many businesses still don't have a website.

Without advertising any business will fail -

The most basic advertising stategy is the location you have selected for your business the next is to have business cards printed for your business and then perhaps the placing of an ad in your local yellow pages.

A Free Business Website won't replace any of the advertising methods above, but will simply give you an extension to the methods mentioned. Your shopfront, sign written vehicles, business cards and yellow pages ads should all include your website address eg: Your Free Business Website will probably be the least expensive of any of your advertising methods.

Your Free Business Website also gives you the added benefit of promoting your business to a much larger State, Country or even World customer audience.

With our Free Business Website the following stipulations apply -

We will not enter into any argument or discussion about specific layout styles, text styles or logo designs, that are offered to you free of charge

Alterations or modifications to our basic design can be made for a fee of US$80.00/hour - for example adding your business logo, adding flash headers etc...

Free Website is owned by Harrington's Web Services and Internet Server Site. You will be required to have your site hosted on the Internet Server Site web server at a monthly hosting cost of US$10.26/month

To take advantage of this incredible free offer, simply follow the instructions below -

1. Complete our sign up form - Click Here
2. Provide us with content (The text and images you want on your site)
3. Choose your site design.
4. Once we know which design you prefer we will create the pages and upload your site.

Contact us for more information - Click Here!

If you or your company require a more advanced website our staff can provide you with solutions to suit any type of website you may need eg: onLine shopping sites, flash headers and images, database driven sites etc. You can see a list of some of our optional extra features - Click Here!