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Free Website

For a limited time, Free Website, owned by Harrington's Web Services, are pleased to offer a basic 3-5 page mobile responsive website for free! You will receive a fully functional WC3 compliant website at no cost to you at all - an immediate saving of $400-$800.

Ridiculously Cheap

The cost to you will be the registration of your domain name and the ongoing monthly web hosting fee of $10.26/month or if you pay $98.49 /Year it's $8.20/month, which is around $2.05/week. This offer is ridiculously cheap, cheaper than a good quality hammer or spanner. If your business can't afford $2.00/week for the benefit of advertising on the Internet there might be something seriously wrong. Don't wait act now - Sign Up »

Edit Your Own Website Content

All of our FREE websites can come with an online WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor - this allows you to edit your own page content. The editor is similar to Microsoft Word to use - you don't need to know the HTML coding language to edit your own website.

This WYSIWYG editor feature comes already installed with your website giving you more flexibilty and also an additional cost saving.

All of our websites can be supplied with additional features if required - Click Here »

The following stipulations apply -

  • We will not enter into any argument or discussion about specific layout styles, text styles or logo designs, that are offered to you free of charge
  • Alterations or modifications to our basic design can be made for a fee of US$80.00/hour
  • Free Website is owned by Harrington's Web Services and Internet Server Site. You will be required to have your site hosted on the Internet Server Site web server at a monthly hosting cost of US$10.26/month

Take Advantage Of This Offer

To take advantage of this incredible free offer, simply follow the instructions below -

1. Complete our sign up form - Click Here »
2. Provide us with content (The text and images you want on your site)
3. Choose your site design.
4. Once we know which design you prefer we will create the pages and upload your site.

Contact us for more information - Click Here »

If you or your company require a more advanced website our staff can provide you with solutions to suit any type of website you may need eg: onLine shopping sites, flash headers and images, database driven sites etc.